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Bryce Space and Technology helps our clients set corporate strategy to enhance operations, hit performance targets, and attract investment and partners. Our expertise is in organizing businesses and agencies with the associated technology to achieve innovative outcomes. We support organizational assessment and design, including identification and diligence of right-fit M&A targets for capability, workforce, or market access.

We combine engineering, analytics, and management expertise with hands-on leadership experience and a differentiating level of domain expertise. Our tight focus on space, satellite, cyber, and advanced R&D lets us deliver results immediately, without a learning curve. We live and breathe your industry with you.

Market Analytics

Bryce Space and Technology defines and analyzes technology-driven markets, forecasting demand for services and assessing competitive landscapes. We will help you deliver winning proposals from RFP analysis to price-to-win, applying our systematic and detailed approach combined with our market insight.

We maintain dozens of unique technology datasets, including investment in space and satellite ventures, space industry manufacturing, launch and satellite activities, and military R&D. We synthesize many sources including hundreds of interviews with investors, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, and government managers to characterize industry activities and track technological developments.

Our proprietary satellite and launch forecast models set the industry standard for enterprise clients globally, predicting market share through simulation algorithms and years of data on decision-maker behavior.

Technology Readiness

Bryce Space and Technology helps clients maximize the yield of R&D organizationally, in the marketplace, and in future technology performance. From energy generation and storage to materials, information technology, human health, and beyond, Bryce brings an interdisciplinary team to technology assessment projects, with expertise across all major technology areas, combined with database and analysis tool development capability.

We track technology trends and match advanced capabilities to challenging requirements, for clients on both sides of the equation. We assess technology R&D portfolios and provide expert guidance for allocating investment dollars. We combine a proprietary model, based on advanced statistical analysis of more than one thousand technology forecasts, with unique technology database capabilities across all technology sectors and robust technology classification and matching.

Cyber Security

Cyber security can be the difference between success and failure, particularly for clients with high-stakes, confidential enterprises. Bryce Space and Technology protects clients from cybercrime by providing cyber security experts who produce strategies, technology recommendations, and methods for integration. The informed perspective of our experts allows clients to proceed with the confidence that their critical information is secure. We also educate and facilitate senior executives’ growth in understanding cyber crisis and response.

Policy and Economics

Bryce Space and Technology analyzes policy options, regulatory alternatives, and economic impacts to support executive and national decision-making. Our technology-informed, interdisciplinary, and data-focused approach synthesizes quantitative and qualitative insights. We are known and trusted for our rigor and objectivity, and for delivering actionable results that meet our clients' needs.

We provide program support and project management to civil and military agencies, as well as issue-specific studies. We produce high impact reports, under our brand or our client's, and infographics to communicate snapshot results to specialist and general audiences.