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A brief introduction to Bryce

Bryce Space and Technology is an analytic consulting firm for space and satellite, cyber, and R&D clients.

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Our industry expertise

Our domain focus enables us to offer our clients cutting-edge expertise and data. Our proprietary, research-based models predict critical outcomes in space and technology.

News | 10 November 2017

Why data analytics is becoming the next frontier for the commercial space industry

The space age is turning into the data age. CEO Carissa Christensen weighs in.

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Washington Post
News | 26 October 2017

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest $1 billion in Richard Branson’s space companies

Investment activity in start-up space ventures with data from the 2017 Start-Up Space Report.

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News | 19 October 2017

Japanese start-up taps into space boom with an Airbnb service for satellites

How launching more satellites will impact data tracking and monitoring on Earth.

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Financial Times
News | 19 October 2017

Private investors push down stratospheric cost of space start-ups

Why 2017 is expected to be a record year for investment in space start-ups. Industry data prepared by Bryce.

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LA Times
News | 18 September 2017

Northrop Grumman aims for space with $7.8 billion bid to buy Orbital ATK

Bryce Senior Space Analyst, Phil Smith, weighs in on the potential acquisition.

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The Japan Times
News | 13 September 2017

Infostellar to improve satellite access with global antenna-sharing platform

Why communicating with satellites can be a challenge and what is being done in response, with satellite industry data by Bryce.

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Bloomberg Technology
News | 12 September 2017

Infostellar Aims to Make Satellite Access Less of a Dark Art

How Infostellar plans to change our communication with satellites. Industry data prepared by Bryce.

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Investor's Business Daily
News | 8 September 2017

Space Industry Booms on Wings – And Wallets – Of Billionaires Like Elon Musk

Four billionaires, led by Elon Musk, have kicked off a private-sector space race. Data included from our Start-Up Space Report 2017.

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