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Careers at Bryce Space and Technology


Bryce Space and Technology, formerly Tauri Group Space and Technology, is an analytic consulting firm that helps clients turn technology into mission and business success. We apply domain knowledge of technology-driven industries to the needs of government and commercial clients, bringing leading minds in business, strategy, policy, and economics to tackle issues with no easy answers. Our integrated team of analysts has career-long expertise in space, cyber, and advanced R&D. We are analytical, creative, and responsive problem solvers.

We provide official launch industry data to the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, assess technology investments for NASA, and deliver industry analysis and acquisition support for the Department of Defense. We provide market analysis and investment insights to businesses around the world.

We believe industry leaders and policy makers require objective, data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and preconceptions, to make the right decisions. Bryce cultivates a culture of engagement and partnership with our clients, whose success we take personally.

Join our mission to make technology work.