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News | 7 August 2019

Bryce Report Finds Launch Unit Standard Provides Faster Access to Space

A new study by Bryce found that Launch Unit (Launch-U), a small satellite, standard form factor concept, has the potential to provide faster access to space.

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News | 29 July 2019

Bryce Awarded $10M NASA Contract

Bryce Space and Technology was recently awarded a contract supporting NASA with a ceiling value of nearly $10 million.

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Ian Dickinson | Insights

Cyber Security in Today’s World

As society continues to increase dependency on cyberspace, it is imperative we are all properly prepared and protected online.

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Phil Smith | Insights

The Strategic Geography of the Solar System and Beyond

NASA, with support from Bryce Space and Technology, developed this map capturing a cultural perspective of locations in the solar system and points beyond.

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Carissa Christensen | Insights

Bryce Space and Technology Expands

Bryce goes international! Read more about our team leading the expansion.

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Mike French | Insights

SVP Mike French leads Bryce Expansion

With his expertise and leadership, we will be expanding our commercial space strategy and advisory practice.

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Brooke Owens Fellowship Program | Insights

41 Undergraduate Women Selected As Brooke Owens Fellows

The Brooke Owens Fellowship Program Continues to Address Historical Underrepresentation of Women in Aviation and Space Exploration

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AIAA | Insights

AIAA Announces Its Class of 2018 Fellows and Honorary Fellows

Three Honorary Fellows and 22 Fellows Selected

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Phil Smith | Insights

New Kids on the Block: How New Start-Up Space Companies Have Influenced the U.S. Supply Chain

Recently, there has been a good deal of attention focused on start-up space companies…. In the U.S., start-up space companies are changing a space supply chain that can trace its roots all the way back to World War I.

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Warren Ferster | Insights

Space start-ups become a magnet for investors

It should surprise no one who’s been paying attention that investment in new and maturing space ventures has accelerated sharply in the past few years.

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Carissa Bryce Christensen | Insights

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new brand

We are Bryce Space and Technology! We have taken an exciting step by launching the Space and Technology Practice previously associated with The Tauri Group, and turning it into a separate corporate entity.

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